eRounds software is used to manage the patient assignments to doctors and nurses.

Mobile medical records for Rounds

eRounds Mobile is a mobile patient information systems for use by nurses and doctors when performing patient Rounds. eRounds Mobile brings together user friendly software with a powerful hand held mobile computer. The result is a system that puts full patient information at the users finger tips in a mobile computer that is the perfect balance of size, weight and usability.


  • List of patients by Location (hospital), Ward and Room
  • Patient detail information
  • Patient location
  • Insurance
  • Scheduled Procedures
  • History of Patient Notes
  • Images (X-Rays, Charts, etc…)
  • Updateable patient information
  • Touch screen interface
  • Multiple data input options
  • Touch screen navigation
  • Hand writing recognition
  • Keyboard
  • Built in wireless network and Bluetooth
  • Integrated cameras (2)
  • Integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems