Smart Gard TAB

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smartGard tab is a tablet based multipurpose home automation system. This wall mounted tablet device can help secure your home and provides many additional features to automate your home. This tiny little device attached to your wall can make your life easy and secure.

Security Systems

Security system feature built in to smartGrad gives you peace of mind not having to worry about burglar attempts and intruders.The smartGard support different kind of wired and wireless sensors to detect intruder attempts.
  •    Support 15 Wireless Sensors
  •    Support 5 Wired sensors
  •    Telephone Alert
  •    SMS alert
  •    CMS support

Home Automation

The smartGrad tab can control most of your home electrical appliance on your behalf. You can schedule your equipments or appliances to start and stop at desired time. It is also possible to control devices and equipments based on various events. You can also use your smartGard tab to control those devices manually with a touch
  •    It is able to control more that 100 devices
  •    Facility schedule electrical devices
  •    Event based equipment control
  •    Facility to control home appliances from your mobile
  •    Shutdown facility to easily switch off all needed equipments before you leave the house or go to bed

Mini DVR

Your smartGard tab can act as a mini DVR which can display real time video from 4 IP Cameras.This little device can also record and store sufficiently good video for 2 days.You can also subscribe to our on-line services to store video for longer term.
  •    Supports up to 4 IP cameras
  •    Built in storage for 2 days
  •    Optional on-line storage

Video Door Bell

Your smartGard tab can also work as a video door bell. When your visitor rings the bell SmartGard tab automatically displays the video of front area.You can further integrate your front door or gate to the smartGard to open them on a button click

Custom Solutions

Apart from above mentioned standard features,smartGard can be customized to suit your needs and requirements.Let us know what you want we shall do it for you.