Finger Print Locks

Recent studies on biometrics have shown that compared to the hand method, fingerprint is more accurate and cost-effective. The duplication of biometric fingerprint technology is virtually impossible, only one in one billionth of a chance. Biometric security guarantees a positive method of user identification with something that cannot be lost, replicated or stolen.

An authorized person has their fingerprint physical characteristic scanned and turned into a numerical algorithm which is then entered into a database. The authorized person must subsequently provide that same fingerprint physical characteristic- for example, their fingerprint ,to be read and recognized by the fingerprint reader before access is granted.

Biometric security devices are becoming more prevalent and are finding their way into devices such as door locks. One of those is the Keylock Fingerprint and Keypad Lock Model #6600-86 by Digi Enterprise, a lock billed as easy to install and use