Digital video recorder (DVR) is an electronic device installed at places
where security is needed. Video from cameras placed at different locations are
send to the DVR. The DVR records it to internal hard disk. The live video can be
seen through the internet also.
Different models are available with varying number of camera channels supported.


  • Playback,recording   and network   transmission   simultaneously.
  • Real time full  screen or    quad screen  display.
  • 2X digital zoom and     Picture-in-picture display.
  • Easy operations by shuttle  and IR  remote control.
  • User-friendly setup  menu  and  operations.


  • Software downloading facility via network and USB memory stick
  • Auto detection of PAL / NTSC.
  • Built-in hardware Watchdog
  • Automatic time adjustment through Network.
  • Multiple languages support.


  • Remote Control Matrix – remote control for multiple DVRs
  • VGA output for PC monitor.
  • DVI output for PC monitor


  • PC Viewer -direct viewing of DVR’s HDD on PC.
  • IEEE-1394A external HDD Bay.
  • USB 2.0 external HDD.
  • USB 2.0 memory stick.
  • CD-RW/ DVD±RW (optional).


  • Multiple recording quality levels
  • Recording frames rates can be set by user
  • Manual,scheduled and event driven recording
  • Maximum recording speed of 120 frames per second(NTSC)
  • Pre-alarm recording
  • Multiple recording resolutions
  • 4-channel audio recording
  • Multiple event types for each channel


  • MPEG-4 internet
  • Live and playback viewing
  • Remote login from networked PC with the exclusive client viewer by IE browser.(The viewer software is supplied for free.)
  • Flexible connections- 10/100 Mbps Ehernet/ADSL (PPPoE)
  • Up to 5 network user’s access simultaneously
  • Rich network functions
  • Dynamic IP is available
  • Dynamic DNS is available
  • SMTP is available


  • Multi-screen playback(Full Screen,Quad Screen)
  • Search by date, time and event