e-Guard W100

      W100 is a wireless security system that will protect your home, shops and offices from intruders and thieves. This device detects any attempt for intrusion in to the protected premises with the use of the sensors installed.
It supports different kind of sensors used to detect vibration, movements, breaking sounds of glass, door breaking etc. If any of the sensors detects some alarming condition device starts the loud woofer as well as dial the numbers stored. In addition to intruder detection it is capable of detecting fire and LPG gas leaks and generate warning.
W100 is using advanced wireless technology for connecting the sensors to the control panel. This greatly reduces the hassles of wiring the sensors during the installation process. LCD screen and mobile phone like menu makes it very simple to configure W100 to match your needs.

Special Features

  • 5 Wired Zones.
  • 15 Wireless Zones.
  • Menu driven device configurations with the help of LCD
  • Sensitivity control for sensors to avoid false trigger
  • Built in Dialer
  • Emergency calls to 5 stored telephone numbers.
  • Built in battery backup.
  • Part Arm facility to set security level.
  • Remote control for arming and disarming.